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We can provide you with a job estimate and design for a lucite award based upon your interests and budget.  You can look through our product catalogs to help choose a standard or custom shape.  Our procedure is to first submit a job estimate and design proof on paper for your approval and then to produce a prototype or product proof and ship it to you within two weeks from the factory.  Upon your approval of the product proof, we will finish the balance of the pieces within another 2 weeks.  If the job is very straightforward you may waive the product proof and simply have the entire order produced in 2 weeks. This would depend on the complexity of the job and your in-hands date for any program. Waiving a product proof does raise the risk of error and is not recommended.

For us to quote a job we need to know the following:

1.  Quantity of pieces you want, for example 6-24 pieces are the same unit price.

2.  Standard shape and size of item, for example you may want a rectangle with a size of 5 x 6 x 1 or a custom shape and size to depict the product or service of a company or for instance that mirrors the shape of the logo of the company in the transaction.  The sky is the limit.

4.  The number of spot colors we would need to print or processed color.  Generally if colors blend then we need to print process.

5.  The type of printing you may want.  Do you want to print a white card or a metal plate which embeds in the Lucite or would you prefer to print on a clear piece of film so the copy is floating in Lucite?  Do you want to laser engrave the logo in the background or frost the entire back?

6.  What options would you want such as colored plexiglas bottoms or backs, beveling the edges or tinting the Lucite a particular color.

For us to begin a product proof we need the following:

1.  The verbiage for the transaction should be emailed to info@unispec.org.  You can attach a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file with this information. If you don't have the verbiage for the transaction in an electronic format then you can fax it to 404-759-2332. It is not necessary for you to graphically design the ad.  Just give us the information and we will graphically design it.  We will create the ad in a vector graphics program and send it to you with the shape that the resulting Lucite will be in.  It is important that you proof the design for spelling errors, spacing and size of type and logos. 

2.  The logos or icons for the companies involved need to be camera-ready.

Hard copy camera-ready means black on white art to size or larger than it will appear in the ad.  This needs to be overnighted to us. Camera-ready is a copy that has a high resolution of at least 600-1200 DPI.  We also need to know the pantone matching system (PMS) numbers for each color.  The PMS number tells the printer what mix of colors are necessary to match the shade of the color we need to print.  If a logo is more than one color, then we need camera ready art for each color, especially if colors within a logo touch.  They have to be separated for our camerawork.  We also need something with the logo printed on so that we know the color breaks -- what is what color.

Electronic art also needs to be camera ready.  Keep in mind that most scanning of images and copying images from the Internet web pages is not camera-ready.  Most images with the .gif or .jpg extention on the web are only 200 DPI.  Also Microsoft PowerPoint is a software slide presentation application, not a vector graphics design program, and therefor does not produce camera ready images.  Vector graphic programs are applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Page Maker, and Freehand.  A vector graphics program uses files that are able to be sized up without distortion with a high resolution and DPI.  Therefor it is important that any electronic logos should be sent to us from the source they were created in and not forwarded from one computer to another because they can lose resolution from being sent from one program to another.  We also need to know whether the source file is sent from a PC or MAC and what application and version of software it is in.  The files should be emailed to info@unispec.org, however, we may have you also email to the factory.

Stationery and business cards are not camera ready.  Camera ready can generally be acquired from the marketing or advertising department of the company and they are generally happy to provide it so that their logo image is properly printed.  We can procure camera ready art on your behalf if you give us a contact person and phone number. 

If camera ready is not available than we can use whatever you have such as a business card and from that we can recreate it for an added charge.  Some logos are very intricate and may not be possible to recreate exactly.

Please contact us with any other questions.


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